January 9, 2008

like it or not, PR is still the king

every blogger i know is very unhappy with the recent page rank change to their blogs. in the world wide web, a page rank is all so important. the higher one's rank is, the better the ranking in their search return. and not forgetting, the good money that comes with it. to sum it all up, page rank is still the king of the internet. the smaller the digit, the better it is.

while most people gets busy exchanging links and comments, all in the name for a good page rank, some worked in different ways to boost their sites. for instance, generate revenues through affiliates programs like those available on most blogs such as casino affiliate programs and shopping buys. affiliates is not just about a flashing banner, it's a money making tool if you know how to.

some bloggers i know can have as many as 5 blogs, hoping that one fine day, these blogs will rise from the dead and claim the throne, and money will come rolling in their way. wish you luck.


hello.. comment lang.. you don't 'hope' for your blog to reach the top, sabi nga nila, you have to sweat it out! :)



jacaranda flagg,
thanks for commenting.

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