April 15, 2008

The evening I became a gardener

We sure had a very tiring evening. Man, who knew gardening is so exhausting? We practically dug out all the plants by the pond within a couple of hours because the pondside is getting a little unmanageable. It almost looked like a whole lot of bushes so I decided we should just get rid of all the bigger plants and replaced it with Garden Planters. And perhaps at a later time, I might want to get those Indoor Planter too.

I got the idea when I was out at the neighborhood nursery, those Planters on sale really did their charm. So the minute I got back home, I thought it'll be cool if we get to remodel our garden.

I'm glad we did. The garden looks much neater and nicer with
Outdoor Planters instead of a jungle of plants all sprouting out from a tiny plot of ground. No matter how pretty those Decorative Planters are, my favorite is still the classic terracotta High End Planter. ::wink::


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