April 7, 2008

Old folks on computers

It's really a surprise to know that many old folks are taking the initiative to learn how to use a computer. Some even take up computer classes just to be able to keep up with knowing to operate a computer, and to pick up basic skills along the way.

While majority illiterate-computer old folks learned to email and build a social network, some purely use it as an entertainment tool like playing games and
online casino. What else can surprise me now? Even a 70 year old granny know how what a online casino bluebook is.

And my mom has been asking us to get her an internet connection in her house, so that she can learn how to use a computer. Knowing my mom so well, I know she cannot wait to get her itchy fingers on the computer after seeing my aunt play online casino slot machine the other day. All my aunt mentioned was it is fun fun fun.


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