November 24, 2010

Indon loving gold

I don't know about other maids, but every maid that ever worked with us, loves to buy gold- necklace, bangles, earrings, even buy gold bullion. What they Indonesian claims is that gold from here is much better, in terms of color and variety of designs. Back in their town, there are very limited designs while here, you can practically find chains, earrings and pendants of all shapes and sizes.

So while we were out shopping over the weekend, our maid was so tempted by the window display of gold accessories at the goldsmith. She asked if she can go in and have a look, of course I allowed her. She was so keen on getting yet another pair of necklace, my sister and I bought one for her last year as she has been a great helper. She deserves it, but to buy another one, she'll have to wait another year or two, gold prices now are so expensive. Unless the money is coming out from her own pocket.


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