November 27, 2010

Designers VS Gold

I'm sure you know someone who is a bagaholic, I mean a person who is crazy over designer handbags. I'm sure you can associate a bagaholic with someone you know. I have a friend who is exactly like that. Seriously, this is an expensive habit to keep. Every time she sees something new in store that caught her attention, then it will definitely go in her 'to buy' list. By now she might have own dozens of designer bags already, but she keep wanting more. As crazy as it sounds, i think this obsession is actually not very healthy. LOL.

There'll forever be 'new arrival' in store, 'new design' of designer bags every season, how can one buy them all? A good bag can easily last a few years, if not tens of years. Why would she need so many bags? So, she might be rich, that's one reason. But if it's me, then I would really rather invest in gold bullion, and see my money 'grow'. Like it or not, no matter how expensive a designer bag is, it has no second hand value, even if there is, it's very little. Don't you agree, one can even keep the gold for future generation, but with bags, that is so not the case.

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