December 23, 2010

Singapore Universal Studio

So we were in Singapore for almost a week, spending time with my sister, went shopping, had great food and all. We actually went to Universal Studio!

Can you believe 3 minutes into the whole Universal Studio 'adventure', Shern started crying and yelling because he refused to walk any further down? I was like " that Madagascar Ship is a fake one! Let's go!" And it was as if he got his legs nailed into the floor, he just stood there like a rock and didn't want to walk. So, I thought the great big ship might have scared the shit out of him, so I said again," you think the ship is coming to bang you? You seriously think the lion and giraffe and hippo is going to roll down from the boxes and come chasing after you?"

He just cried and cried, I was about to explode on him, then he said "I'm scared of the skeleton!" Oh I see, the skeleton hanging from the tree across the other side of the walkway! Gosh! All the fuss over a super fake skeleton! I don't know whether to laugh out loud or have sympathy on him. Anyway, my back hurts from all the shopping and endless walking, I really do not have the energy to carry him, so his grandpa offered to carry him. Most of the time, he cling on to grandpa for his dear life. Hilarious.

Such a scary cat isn't he? Who would have thought a long waited trip to Universal Studio actually turned nightmare for my darling Shern. I actually asked him if he wants to go to Universal Studio again, he said, "never ever!". LOL. Good, perhaps I could save the money to buy gold bullion instead.


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