January 1, 2011

Beauty is not just for adults..

At such a tender age, my 15 months old darling daughter sure knows a thing or two about beauty. She loves to see us putting on make-up. Every time she sees my sister blowing her hair, she will run to her, asking for her hair to be done, even if it's just for a mere 5 seconds. Every time she gets hold of a make up brush, she will brush it all over her face. Not mentioning the comb, she loves to just brush and brush herself with it.

Having a son as a firstborn and also many more nephews in the family, having Maine is sure a different experience altogether. She's like a little me, I'd love to think that I was as cute as her when I was little. She's such an angel, adored by everyone. I'm glad that she'll have a few cousin sisters to play with in the future, at least she will not be surrounded by boys and their cars and guns, but to have play mates to join her in her tea party, princess sleepover and more. Perhaps to attend Regency Beauty Institute together in the future, if that's what she's interested in pursuing.

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