January 1, 2011

2011- A good start

At the stroke of midnight, sipping champagne and looking up to the fireworks display in the sky, that was how we started our new year 2011. All of us, big and small, old and young, even my brother, who is still recovering from the accident, went with us to the spacious carpark near our home, to see the fireworks display at the stroke of midnight. Oh, did I mentioned how much the kids love the fireworks? Maine and Ethan literally went GA GA over the fireworks. Surely something they have both never seen before. Well, they might have seen it in the past, but I'm sure back then they don't understand the sparking thing in the sky. But now, they have come to understand the beauty of the fireworks. Both babies have sure grown a lot in a year.

While all of us went Oh and Ah's over the fireworks, my brother just sat on a stool, unable to walk, sat quietly, looking at the fireworks. I bet he must be thanking God for His grace and mercy, for another year, for a wonderful family that stays by him, through it all.

He still has this pins and plate on his arm after the surgery, it will take months for him to fully recover, nevertheless Thank God he's recovering well. We'll see if there's a need for us to file an Accutane Lawsuit in the near future. As for now, it's a good start for a new year.


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