November 7, 2010

Good day

It's been a fruitful day for me. I've uploaded more photos of my product to my FB page and also to the website, I also did some headbands, and bought some more supplies like pins and clips. But it's not an easy start, I'm doing this all on my own without a help from the world. It's a one man show, erm, in this case, one woman show! I'm the owner, the worker, the designer, the blogger, the crafter (oh, what a name for someone who does craft, sounds weird, don't you think) and also the one who will be doing the packaging right up to delivery or posting it.

Where do I get the time to do all this with a 5 yo cheeky boy and a one year old baby girl? I'm proud I did it. Money and gold bullion don't just drop down from the sky. We got to earn it, to me it's all hardwork. I believe one day it'll pay off.


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