November 11, 2010

Getting older...

These days, I'm so occupied with the kids and my online shop that I almost forgot that my Birthday is coming. Bad huh? It wasn't until my aunt asked me if I have anything planned for Saturday, and I asked, "what's the occasion?" And she replied me, "Oh my, it's your Birthday!", I went, "Oh, this Saturday.."

Erm, well.. for someone who is coming to the big three zero, I guess there's nothing to shout about, it feels like I'm moving on to the next decade already, and not excited at all. How do you feel when you celebrate your big ZERO birthday? Especially 40,50,60,70, 80 even 90 or 100, I'm sure it's not something people look forward to -getting old that is. Unless, if you tell me, old is gold, gold as in like bullion, then I really don't mind getting it at all. LOL!


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