April 2, 2010

We'll be away...

I'm looking forward to going home to my mom, have a good meal and catch up with my aunties and uncles back home. It's the cheng beng weekend you see. A day where people go to the grave to pay respect for the departed ones. You know it's always a good feeling to go home to mommy's, the warmth and the coziness you feel, the place you grew up, the friends you have since you were kindergarten. Life back then was so simple and stress-free, caring not a thing about other people but myself.

But now, married with 2 kids, life is all about them kids. In a way, there's always the kids to consider before everything else, they are the priority number one! I'm happy though. You know how sometimes I cannot help thinking how the kids are going to survive without me? How do I want them to remember me by? Of course, the photographs and the things I owned. I'm not sure about people of other races, but Chinese people love to buy gold for keepsake and for memory sake. Of course, they also buy gold coins. Just ask any Chinese people you know, chances are high that they inherit at least a few pieces of gold accessories from the grandmother or whoever that might be.


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