April 18, 2010

What are they going to be?

Many times, things are easier said than done. As a mother, very often we want our kids to grow up to be what we want them to be. A doctor, lawyer, a teacher, a surgeon, or any professional job for that matter. Since young, we plant the seed in them that every kid should one day take up these profession, to make them look good and of course make their parents proud. What if my kids grow up to be a mechanic instead of an engineer, or a school teacher instead of a highly paid lecturer or whatever, will you be proud of them?
As a mother, knowing them I brought them up well, I think I have no worries of whatever they will become, even if their dream is to pursue cosmetology school in Indiana, I guess as long as they are happy with their life, it's their choice, their decision their live. Note to self: be happy for them, not whatever makes you as a parent feel good.


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