April 29, 2010

::Bigger or thinner?::

What do people do when they want to lose weight fast and effectively? If you're not a gym person like me, then you better get serious about dieting, which I'm also not a big fan of. Now you know why I'm not a size 0. In fact I'm not even a size 8 or 10 nowadays. I just naturally get larger with every baby I had. Pregnancy and my body are really not the best of buddies! Bummer.

I love to eat, I really do. Food and me, we go everywhere together hand in hand, like BFF. You know BFF, Best Friends Forever! When I'm standing in front of the mirror every time after I shower, I make a self note: (Eat lesser today). Then when I see my BFF, I totally forgot my note-to-self, then I overeat! What is so tough about dieting, I just don't get it. I really don't get it.

I should really get serious about losing weight, now that it's been almost 8 months since I gave birth. People said that after a year of child birth, losing weight will be twice the effort. Well, it is already twice the effort for me, so dare I think about next year? As a last resort, I might want to try ALRI CR2, and with the help of the dance dance revolution mat, I reckon at least I can flatten my tummy a little. An inch or two is good enough for me. Or maybe I'll even ended up getting the dramatic effect of a body builder. LOL!

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