May 24, 2010

Buying gold or rubbish?

Kids nowadays are so hard to please. Or is it just my son who has so many never ending request? Well, for starters, almost every time we are out at the mall, he will ask for a toy. When he tells me he wants to buy a toy, he will go, "you bought 2 things already and I bought nothing yet!" or just one toy only la, any toy mommy choose". Truth to be told, I'm generous when he ask for anything lesser than 5 ringgit, but anything that goes beyond 10, expect if it's for good quality toys like die cast toys or lego, he got to be more persistent in begging mom to buy.

And every time we're at the store, there will be this debate on who gets to see his/her things first. If mommy gets to go to the boutique first, then the next stop should be a toy shop. What a demand from a 4.5 years old kiddo, it's so not a request anymore. But of course, mommy usually don't give him to his request, it just doesn't make sense to buy a toy everyday. I mean, I don't mind buying toys if its value can appreciate over time, but to me, toys are just rubbish! That's how I always say to the kids, "buy rubbish". It's it better to just spend the money occasionally to buy gold bullion? It's a keepsake and also it's a good investment.


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