January 21, 2010

The festive season

It's been ages, hasn't it? I've been super busy with basically everything from the kids, to refurnished the bedroom, to having a 4.5 months old baby that loves to cling on to my boobs every time I allow her to, to trying to stock up my blogshop for new merchandise for this coming Chinese New Year, oh this list can go on forever and ever.

Mom has been telling me that I should start spring cleaning the house for Chinese New Year which is like less than 4 weeks away. but where in the world can I find time to spring clean my house? By mommy's term, spring cleaning includes digging and spilling everything out from their respective places, say the bookcase or the wardrobe and throw out what is old and rearrange what other things we want to keep. That's one hell of a task. Furthermore, with only one maid now, poor soul really hasn't got enough time to sleep. Nah, deal with the dirty house and dusty curtains, will ya?

Anyway, we won't be celebrating Chinese New Year in my house. We will be heading back home town to granny's place, though granny is no longer around, we still go back there every year. That's where our family still gathers every year. I love it there during this festive season. Seriously, as much as I love the white sandy beach at Riviera Maya, the glorious food and the exceptional holiday experience, I'd rather be in that old village to celebrate Chinese New Year in that wooden house. Note to the hubs: All other family vacation can wait. We're going home this Chinese New Year.


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