January 11, 2010

My 4 months old chick

This is my little pumpkin at 4 months old. Isn't she chubby? Oh, never mind the double chin, it runs in the family. Argghh.. Hopefully that double chin thingy will not be a permanent thing on my little girl, like it is on me. I was never skinny, even as a little girl, always on the meaty side, see how decent and round I am now. She's such a joyful little thing, she smiles and cooes when she sees people, anyone, be it strangers. And she loves to be cuddles, who doesn't?
She can turn on her back and on her tummy too. It's hard to keep her in her baby cot nowadays as she yells for company. So I just leave her on the big mattress so that she can have much more space to explore. And yes, she can crawl now, though just a little bit.


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