July 1, 2010

Gold gold gold!

What a nice gold bangle this is. I personally prefers gold bangle to gold bracelet. I think it looks more elegant and beautiful. I have a gold bangle (without the blink blink of course) I hardly wear, you know how dangerous it is to wear gold nowadays, no one wants to fall victim to the snatch thief, so I'd rather see it 'sit' nicely in the safebox than to parade it. This pair of bangle is now in my wish list, when I can afford one.

If only I listened to my mom's advice to invest in gold, I would have bought many more. And maybe now I can trade in one of my gold bangle and get a new diamond bangle for myself. Too bad, I never listened. Those days, gold is so cheap compare to the price now. It was like 35 per gram and now 10 years later, it's 120 a gram! How many fold increase that is? You do the math. So be wise, invest in gold, whatever it is, buy gold coins,gold bar, gold accessories or whatnot, you'll be amazed at your return on investment 10 years down the road.


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