July 1, 2010

Where can we get help?

Lying on the hospital bed is a friend of mine. He's in the hospital, suffers a 60% burn on his face and body, he has been in this condition for a month now. He's a tough guy, he will sure recovers from this I'm sure. He's a mechanic, the car that he was repairing caught fire, started off as a spark in the fuel tank and it exploded. Poor thing. He was in unconscious state for over 2 weeks, and has to go through multiple surgery to fix his wounds and skins.

It didn't help that his Blood type is B negative, and there's only a handful of people with this blood. There's always a shortage of B- blood in the blood bank thus delaying his surgeries again and again. And the saddest thing of all is that, he hasn't got any close family to care for him now, his mom passed away and no one knows where's his dad whereabout. He has an uncle, who is not financially capable himself.

I wonder if there's any legal representation like the
Austin dog bite lawyer that we can go to here in Malaysia to fight for his case. Apparently, negligence is how this accident happened, and sad to say, the employer is not even helpful to assist him financially.


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