July 22, 2010

Gold for keepsake

Our current maid has been with us for almost 2 years now, she's very hardworking and loyal to us. Her contract will be expiring soon this December and we're keeping our fingers crossed that she will renew her contract with us for another year, or more.

She has been wanting to buy some gold for keepsake. As the price of gold keep increasing, she suggested that she rather buy sooner than later. My sister and I bought a gold necklace for her last year, and now she wants to buy either a ring or a bracelet. Maybe I should suggest that she buy gold coins instead. She might not even know that gold coins actually fetch a better price, because it has currency value too.

of course we don't mind buying her another gold accessories, she has been a very good maid, and maybe gold is a good gift for her to remember us by. What do you think?


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