August 13, 2010

Buy buy buy silver..

It's just crazy how much buzz silver bullion is getting on the Internet lately. It seems like every blogger I know has something to say about purchasing silver or gold. Well, everyone knows silver and gold are not cheap, but why is everyone so keen on buying them? How many silver bullion or accessories does one needs in his/ her safe box? Just buying it to let it sitting pretty in the safe? You think so? Then you are so wrong!

In fact, the craze of buying silver is all because silver appreciates tremendously over the past few years and the trend will be likely to continue for many years to come. Do you know that the world demand for silver now exceeds annual production, and has every year since 1990. If you have some money, then maybe you too should start investing in bullion. Yes, now it is indeed sitting pretty in the safe. Imagine the amount of return of investment you are going to make if the value of silver double, triple? What a nice dream come true eh..


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