August 12, 2010

Good Investment or new business venture

I seriously need to get down to business, earning a decent amount of money to help support this family. So what do you reckon I should do? Writing reviews is a good but offers are so not consistent and if I really rely on this amount of money to buy food, then we would have starve to death long time ago. I can take blogging as a part time thingy, but definitely not a full time job.

So, I actually thought of venturing into baby and kids clothes line, having my own labels and all, sounds so glamorous, but the thing is I just don't know where to start. Or maybe my problem is that I procrastinate too much. I know I got to take a bold step, so even if I failed, at least I know I'll learn something out of it. If everything else fails, maybe I'll just invest all my money into buying gold bar, the only safe and stable investment because the thing with gold value that it will only appreciates. No risk but then to me, I need something to do I can be satisfy with. Gold investment is a 'comfortable' investment.

Now where do I start, my sister and I, we registered a, printed our own woven labels, had some ideas on what designs we want, did some samples, and now the thing is where do we find a good and affordable garment factory to help us with our clothes? You know of anyone? Please drop me a line if you do.


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