June 30, 2010

Why blogging in my pyjamas?

You know the only reason I named this blog- Blogging in my pyjamas was because I had so much free time, I can basically sit home in my pyjamas all day, and not stepping out of the house at all. Oh ya, those were the days.

Now, my daily routine started at 7, fetching my son to school at 8am class, then again to fetch my nephew to tuition class and again to pick up my son at 12:45pm everyday! And on Monday and Wednesday, I got to send him to his tuition class. So, there goes all my time. And not to mention my 10 months old daughter at home to take care of.

And now, blogging in peace is not quite possible! My time at home or outside are normally occupied with my kids, they being the first priority in my life, something I so willingly do for them, you don't know how much you can love someone until you have kids.


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