October 12, 2007

now readin: french kiss

this is the book im now readin and i enjoy it tremendously. here's what the story is about.

L.A. architect Nicole Lesdaux has just signed on to create a tree house for record producer Johnny Patrick's little girl, Jordi. The hunky single dad has given Nicky an unlimited budget—but she might have agreed to work for free, if it meant watching his sizzlingly sexy body by the pool every day...

But mixing business with pleasure is one of Nicky's no-nos—so she focuses on making this music mogul the Taj Mahal of tree houses. Until Johnny's ex-wife makes off to Paris with their daughter...

Since Nicky speaks the language, a desperate Johnny needs her help finding little Jordi. En route, sexual tensions run ever higher. Again and again, the two must fight back the urge to come together. And, as Nicky discovers, Johnny does know some French after all.


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