October 29, 2007

travelling to london

Those days when i was studying in UK undeniably was one of the most enjoyable episode of my life. I'm not saying that my life now is miserable, not anywhere near it. Alright, maybe slanting a little downwards from exciting to stable routine life. Married with one toddler is an experience i would rather live right now. Exciting life can now be made history.

Exciting because every sales season, my sister and i will board the coach from oxford to london. we didn't have much pocket money, but that sure didn't stop us from travellin around london sightseeing and all.

One thing i love about london is those mega billboards advertising featuring famous brands and supermodels. Some signage do bring us to warehouse sales with fabulous discounts. Maybe that's why they are there for, to provide information for lost tourist like us.

I'll surely travel to London with my family in the future. The metropolitan sure has undergone mega transformation over the years, but i have to least worry about that, because i know London is one of the friendliest city in the world, with directory everywhere, we sure can manage even without a tour guide.


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