October 24, 2007

This repairman needs a ladder rack

The other day when the living room air-conditioning stop functioning all of a sudden, i called in the repairman. It took him ages to locate my house, which isn't at all hard to find. He came with only a toolbox, went back to his office and came again. Both times without the effort of bringing a ladder. I mean, if you're in the business, at least look professionally equipped. He had the guts to ask if i have a ladder for him to reach the air conditioning compressor. Well, he has a van loaded full with stuffs, which explains why he probably couldn't fit a ladder in.

I'm sure he'll be working more efficiently if he installs a ladder rack for him to transport his ladder around. Buying one is cheap especially from BuyAutoTruckAccessories.com. They're known for selling a huge variety of Truck Rack Systems at the lowest market price.


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