October 17, 2007

Be your own boss with Vendstar

vendstar, the world’s largest and most established bulk candy vending machine company now provides a unique opportunity for individuals and entrepreneurs to have a new level of financial freedom. With an on growing numbers of 9,000 members since 2003, Vendstar has managed to established their reputation worldwide given that this opportunity is 100% cash business and can provide up to an 80% profit margin.

New developments has now help vendors immensely by expand their product offerings to target a larger and more diverse market with the recent newly enhanced Vendstar 3000 machine. The machine is able to release a 1" wheel that dispense one inch gumballs and toy capsules. Good thing is that vendors of the Vendstar EZ-Count® Meter can now derive exact amount from their own vending machine by digitally updating the total quarters accepted.


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