October 26, 2007

so she married a datuk

where were we? oh, my friend..she married a datuk today. bless her. she looks so pretty tonight. her man, so so. he looked huge, almost like a hercules. or is it mr. incredible? he suits her fine, hope this day will be a beginnin of a beautiful love story with the fairytale endin.

oh come on, real life is not like that. ask me, i've been married for almost 3 year, at least i know how to fly the 'relationship kite' better than those singles out there. this by far is the only tactic that works.

just like how you handle a kite- let loose, pull back, let loose, pull back, there need to be a certain level of give and take, freedom and control in a relationship and eventually your kite will be smooth sailin up in the deep blue sky, provided it's a sunny day. when the sky is not clear, and gloomy, keep your kite at home just like how you keep your mouth shut when both are so heated up you can almost make a kettle boil by puttin it up on your head.

so today, my friend married a datuk. big deal. because datuk's father is a tan sri. this one, big leg.


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