October 31, 2007

the new part of us

it's amazing how internet transform the way we live.gone were the days where a piece of research equals endless trips to the school library, the town library and the national library. every library carries different outdated and updated books, so goin to one is just not enough. have you been through those times??

with the internet now, everythin can be done from the comfort of one's home. what i said does not imply plagirism. those cut and paste work, i have done that enough times,i did paid for my laziness afterall, my final years the nhs system dissertation, i merely got a pass. God bless me, i was given second chance. I got C. C for count your blessin, cos you're supposed to fail.

the entire mornin without the internet connection almost turned me into a monster. i was pissed. i have reviews to write, and then Bang, all the pages went blank. the connection was out. i didn't know why, but i did try fixin it. pluggin those cables in and out a thousand times, that's the only thing i'm good at. no, it still doesn't work.

that moment, it sure felt like i'm a disable though physically i'm not. it just wasn't right. this is what internet does to people. it's already a part of us.


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