October 31, 2007

power of prayers

one auntie who has been with the church for many many years became sick. her children, quite a few of them in the church ministry didn't know what to do. she was dyin, she was so sick the doctor gave up on her. she was asked to return home to die. for there is no hope left, she was in her advance stage of her cancer. doctor predicted one month and that's it.

her children didn't give up on her, they prayed, the entire church prayed for a miracle. for nothin is impossible for our God. when mom went to visit her, she knew this aunty will die very soon. she was skinned to the bone, with tubes attached all over her weak body. mom waited for the day her children call for her funeral.

the day never come, because God healed her. she's all well now. All the cancer cells are gone, she's up and running. Mom saw her one day, riding her bicycle through the village. sometimes, you got to believe your eyes. and most of all, Believe in God.

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