October 20, 2007

when credit card is due for payment

::this is a sponsored post::

credit card payment will be due in a couple of days. i can see myself draggin my feet to the bank at this day of every month. i mean, oh i love my credit card. i love swiping it. but to be real honest, it's hard to control a shopaholic if you load her handbags with many

credit cards. like you don't know, shopaholic sometimes lack self control.

as a matter of fact, one good credit card is enough. better still if you have a choice of getting interest free credit cards. lesser damage control means lesser spending. no one likes to end up 100 times poorer, just because they spent money they didn't have in the first place. Secondly, opt for one with the balance transfer option which often offers better terms and rates.

Credit card is not evil, at the end of the day, we just need to be wiser in choosing a right credit card for ourselves that suits us best. no more dragging my feet to the bank this time.


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