October 26, 2007

Dreaming of a Honeymoon in Disneyland

I've always wanted to go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Since our wedding anniversary is just two months away, it might be worth suggesting to my dearest husband that I want to go on a honeymoon. Then we'll have enough time to plan for our trip.

Before i go places, I always check out the information i needed on the internet. for instance, booking a hotel room in advance is always much cheaper, and also i might as well get my Disney Tickets online at Orlandofuntickets.com. The last time i checked, this site offers the best rate for both Disney World and all Orlando theme parks.

It sure will be fun to have a special annivesary dinner at the Pirates Dinner Adventure Night. I'm all excited just thinking about it.well, I guess I'm done daydreaming now. Better ring darling husband now else no one is going nowhere.


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