October 31, 2007

i love theknot

Long before i discover this blogging world, i only use the internet for surfing. Then one day my SURFING brought me to a mommy's blog. i find it so interestin i thought i could try doing the same, by having a blug (i didn't know the right pronounciation back then), you know i obviously meant a blog.

i'm an avid fan of theknot.com. since i was 16. it wasn't as if i am planning to get married or waiting to be proposed to, i just find the website beautiful, with all things pretty. the gowns, the tiaras, the wedding decorations, the flowers and those unique personalized wedding favors.

Really, if you're planning a wedding, even if you're just a bridesmaid, you sure need to check out this site. it's so full of wedding gifts and ideas you wish you can think of. but you know you got that idea from theknot.


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