October 29, 2007

living luxurious, the celebrity way

who doesn't like celebrity gossips? i think one of the reason people 'worship' these idol gossips is because celebrities seems to have everything we middle class people can only dream of. their fabulous lifestyle, their overspending habits. But most of all, they spent most lavishly buying their mega mansions, sports car and such.

Most if not all celebrities didn't like their privacy invaded. For that reason, they prefer to be in places such as W South Beach Condo where they have their own private beach access,a secret garden with private showers, private pool cabanas with flat screen TVs and much much more.

Sigh, this is a lifestyle i can only dream of. Wait, winning the lottery might buy me a penthouse on the 19 storey beachfront property, imagine waking up to the sea breeze slapping right at my face. Only 15 minutes drive to Bal Harbour Shops for some shopping therapy at Gucci, Cartier and Bulgari. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Sergio Rossi, Dolce and Gabbana, and Roberto Cavalli.
Luxury and comfort the celebrity style, i love it.

by the way, this place will only open in 2009. you still have time to book yourself a unit. perhaps we could be neighbours.

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