October 31, 2007

moved around enough to call this a home

Moving houses is sure one of the most tedious thing to do. When i was younger and living with my sister, we moved around enough to finally call a house a home. We were not rich, earning little money and living from paycheck to paycheck, life was not a stuggle, but all we can afford is renting a house.

Back then, we cannot afford to pay anyone to help us move, so we got to do everything by ourselves, from packing the clothes, utensils and all other stuffs in advance. we also do tape the furniture edges so it won't get scratch. When the day comes, we'll squeeze every boxes into our cars and to and flow the two houses countless times. That's how we save money. We only paid for a truckload for transporting our big piece furnitures.

We didn't need help from
Long Distance Moving Companies as the distance wasn't at all far. If you need to move long distance, you can try Service Network, they have a good reputation in the moving industry.


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