October 26, 2007

HDTV suits me fine

ouch, did you read the newspaper today? a group of punters, all 13 of them won 2.4 million dollars in the lottery. Is it a coincidence that the number is the reverse age of the late Genting Group founder, Tan Sri Lim, one of the richest man in the world?

all my life, if days accumulated and counted till this moment, i have officially won nothing in contest or lottery so whatever. If a bottle of body wash and body lotion count, then at least i won something. how i wish i can be the lucky few to walk away with a mercedes benz, a fully furnished condominium or at least a mitsubishi HDTV.

A television, because i need one. It's about time to change that 20" square huge black box in my living room. It'll be my luckiest day if i get to win a voucher from Krillion.com, so i get to choose any HDTV that i want. That 65" Flat Screen Panel suits me fine.


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