October 10, 2007

i love PPP!

::this is a sponsored post::

how much do you love to see the endless advertisements on tv. especially when you're so hooked to the drama that you're watching and suddenly the advertisements repeat itself so many times it makes your inside flip? yeah, apparently for me, lousy advertisement can really ruin a good reputation for a product.

alright, back to watching tv. i used to be so hooked on tv drama until i started blogging. which in my case, rewind 18 months ago. since then, i discovered the many pleasures of not just blogging but also reading other people's blog. some which i adores so much it makes it mandatory for me to visit it everyday. perhaps what every blog needs is a good author. like a bestseller book. only free.

but not until much later that i found out that people make money out of their blog through blog advertising. no wonder some people call 'blogger' a profession. then i got the point. simple, i can do it too. ::snap my fingers::

immediately, i signed up for payperpost and within 2 working days, my blog was approved. since then, i blog enough to pay for my nice handbag. this is not going to stop anytime soon, i'm happy my blog makes me money. extra money is always a good thing for a shopaholic like me.


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