October 30, 2007

where are my candies?

over the weekend, i have 6 nephews over, with their parents of course. it was chaotic, it was one crazy weekend. big relief for me, they went home last night. big shock for me too when i discovered that our candy compartment in the refrigerator was totally empty. it never happened before. we always have a variety of candies and chocolates in our fridge, you know those sweet tooth cravings.

Time to replenish our candy stock, i might as well buy it from esnack bulk candy store, it's cheaper, they have more varieties and even those hard-to-find vintage candy. My favourites are kit kats and the almond bars. As for the kids, i'm getting them skittles by the pound. It's miniature in size, and choking is one thing i don't have to worry about, plus it's more economical.


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