August 19, 2009

I've got my hands full!

I've been pretty occupied with my sick child, my new blogshop- Bucketload and oh, did I tell you we'll be moving house soon? You can imagine how many boxes of stuffs I need to pack, didn't know we have so many things accumulated over the years until now! I figured we'll be chucking out lots and lotsa stuffs this time. Well, the rule of decluttering, stuffs you never used in over a year, out they go. Easier said then done. What if one day I might need it, and it's not available anymore? Isn't is a waste of money to buy it again? Tricky isn't it?

Anyway, baby girl will be due is about 3 weeks, unless baby decided to come out earlier. What hard work can I possibly do with a tummy this big? I'm trying not to overwork myself, not wanting to risk going into pre-term labour, or stressing myself out. Better take it easy for now.


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