August 26, 2009

Keepsake for baby girl

I'm so excited, you know why? Since my gynae will be on leave from the 7-15th September, he's unable to perform the c-section on my scheduled date which is on the 9th of September. So, we rescheduled the operation earlier to the 4th which means there's only another week to go! Honestly, I've been feeling quite heavy lately, and feeling like a log. My movement are restricted, so I'm trying to slow down and minimize my activities. Well, my gynae told me that my amniotic fluid level is a little high above normal range, so that kind of explained the heaviness I'm experiencing right now. So, his advice will be an earlier c-section which I totally agreed on. Given that my thighs, they itches so badly, I'm hoping it'll go away right after the baby is born. Can't take the itchiness anymore.

I'm not the only one excited about the arrival of this new baby girl, hubby, Shern and the rest of my family are really looking forward to this day too. I am thinking maybe I should get both Shern and the baby a gift each, and when the baby is born, I'll tell my son that his baby sister has a i-love-you-brother gift for him and vice versa. Maybe that way, he won't feel threaten anyway with a newborn around. You know how much attention a newborn needs, we didn't want him to feel abondoned in any way.

Baby's grandfather even has a special gift ready for his first grand daughter in the family. I can imagine how much joy this baby will bring into this family. Maybe I should also get a gift for my baby girl. Perhaps a gold bracelet or maybe a rare gold coins for keepsake. What do you think? I personally prefers to buy gold as it is a good investment and the value of good can only increase over time.Especially if you were to buy Monaco Rare Coin, it helps you locate the best, highest-quality rare coins available at best prices, thereby maximizing your rare coin investment dollars. It's sure worth every dollar investing in gold, right?


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