May 30, 2008

Is it not OK to get straight to the point?

Last evening, I got a call from someone looking for me, so I thought this must either be someone I know or she really has got some serious business with me. You know, like a call from the tele-banker telling me that my loan is almost due, because I always wait till the very last minute to just do just about anything. That's just me. But no, she's not calling on behalf of any bank, but a hotel, offering me a free 2 days 1 night stay at the 5 star hotel. When I asked if there's anything I have to do, like listening to a free talk, she said no. Well, so how do you explain it when she said that I need to be there with my husband (mind you, that's a must) to collect the voucher, and there's a 45 minutes wait while they do the voucher processing, meanwhile they'll just serve us refreshment. Sounds so catchy. They must either trained their staff that way, or they seriously need more staffs to handle their voucher processing department. Perhaps it'll be good for them to get help from the executive search firm. I'm not buying into her not-so-straight forward talks, I said, no thanks and hang up.


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