May 18, 2008

Men who cheats

I wonder if those husbands who has love affairs actually feel guilty about cheating to their wives? I bet at some point, their wives will eventually find out. At that point, is it too late to live with the regrets? I wonder. But I'm sure it's not entirely man's fault. Sometimes when two people see too much of each other, they tend to develop a feeling for each other, people like bosses and their secretary or personal assistant. Call it lust. Especially when they travel often together on business trips, stay in Hotels in Rome, the romantic city or Hotels Amsterdam the Sex City, thousand of miles away from their wives, it's all too easy to break the rule.

Not only that, some husbands love to have their little weekend getaway together with their girlfriend in Hotels London just to be away from their wives. That's absolutely unfair to the wife. Why not end your marriage so your wife could go on with his life rather than all wrapped up in your lies while you're away at some Hotels in Barcelona kissing some other babe? Come on, give everyone a break, can?


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