May 7, 2008

Check your Page Rank lately?

Surprise surprise. My blog Page Rank is back to 2, and I couldn't be happier. I did a check with various Google Page Rank checker just to make sure. Majority has a 2 on it. Yeah!

In my humble opinion, I think the best PR checker is Smartpagerank. as it gives you not only your page rank but also your blog traffic, bank links, indexed pages your blog has with Google/Yahoo/ MSN or such and it also has your website value. There's also this website value button and page rank button for you to put in your blog. Blogginginmypyjamas is only valued at $54, eh, what a shame.

Of course, there's also other PR checker you can use, like Blogflux, PRChecker.Info, free-pagerank-checker, checkpagerank and many more.


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