May 6, 2008

Let's get productive

So I figured that I need to spend my time at home a little more productive, besides blogging and doing paid post. I have always wanted to start my own online shop, sell whatnot things that I like, and of course it has to be profitable. Yes?

I do not have a silver spoon in my mouth. So it's best that I do something at my free time for some extra income. I grew up with my 5 siblings, we don't always get what we want, we worked for it, like helping mom with the house chores. I brushed my own shoe on Friday, and we help fold the laundry at most days. You can imagine growing up in such an environment has shaped us into quite decent people. ::wink:: There's nothing I can brag about myself really, I am a stay-at-home-mother to a two year old boy, so my everyday life is pretty much the same. Hopefully things can pick up from here. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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