May 22, 2008

The Zero fare deal

AirAsia is having a free flight promotion to Perth. Ticket is absolutely free, travelers only need to pay for the tax and airport charges. The last time I checked, tax plus airport charges is within the range of RM500-RM600 which is dirt cheap. We went to Perth last year for my brother's graduation, all 9 of us stayed at my brother's rented house. Free Perth Accomodation, how could we resist?

Anyway, we're lucky that we have relatives all over the places. So, whenever we travel, we always could stay over at relatives place. This way, we get to save tonnes of money in terms of paying for the hotel and spend it on enjoying good food and entertainment too. I'd love to travel to Sydney one day, to my sister's in laws place. One thing for sure, I don't have to worry about Sydney Accomodation because she will take care of it. Some might not be so lucky to have relatives overseas, so they no choice but to stay in a hotel, but from my experience, it's better to check hotel rates online before making any bookings as hotel rates such as Melbourne Accomodation and Brisbane Accomodation varies depending on season.


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