May 8, 2008

The high flying job

I asked my cousin who did she quit her job as an air stewardess, and her answer is very straightforward. She said, "I cannot fly forever, one day down the road, she'll get kick and be stationed as a ground staff. So she'd rather quit now and start a career with a promising future. I understand. Over the years, she traveled to so many places others can only dream of. You name it, and chances are high that she've been there. The most enjoyable part of being an air stewardess is of course the chance to travel around the world and stay in those exotic Hotels in Venice or places like Madrid Hotels. It's every shopaholic's dream to go shopping in Milan, and of course, being an air stewardess saves you the money of having to pay for the accomodation in Milan Hotels yourself. So you tell me, how enjoyable an air stewardess life can be? Free flight, free stay no matter where you go, and you actually get paid doing it. Who cares if travelling to Barcelona is expensive, they still get to stay in those luxury rooms Barcelona Hotels has to offer.


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