May 15, 2008

Now I know, being fat is not OK!

I've been feeling like I'm 100bricks heavier now! I can now feel the pain those obese people are going through. Not the physical pain, but the emotional stress that they have to carry around. Phew! Though I'm not THAT fat I need therapy or a bypass surgery, I still feel that I can be a lot more better than this. Sigh. Life is no fun when you have excess fats you hang around your waist. It's not so much of how people uuhhs and aahs about how much weight you've gained, but because I'm a superbly self conscious person, people don't even have to tell me that, I can see that "YOU'RE FAT" message written exclusively for me, on their forehead.

Therefore, I'm determine to get back into shape. Say, signing up for GYM! Oh, my mother won't even believe me if I were to tell her this. She has been pressuring me so much to exercise/ sign up for gym/ do sit ups/ go jogging but everything she said fell into deaf ears. I was like, it's my buldging belly and not yours, so if I'm ok with that, why not you? Finally I know having a bulging belly is NOT OK. I've came back to my senses. She's 101% right, clothes fits just so much more better and prettier on a nice body minus a flabby tummy. Hahaha. She's going to be very happy for me. I just know it.


putting on weight is one of my problem too. I just love to eat.

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