November 22, 2008

What has the society become?

I cannot help but wonder if my kids will abandon me in an old folks home when I'm old and useless. You know how ailing old folks can be quiet a handful, especially those who no longer has control over their own body and need help to go to the toilet.
My grand-aunt was such a case. She died a few days ago, after a fall. Her children could have done better for their mother, but they just leave her lying there all day long with a adult diaper on, they don't even care to dress her up, instead drape a piece of towel over her naked body. Well, a classic tale of an old woman's suffering. How in the world her children have the heart to leave her in that condition I wonder. That's the meanest thing one can do to their parents. I hate to think further.

In my humble opinion, the least they can do is provide her mother with the proper care, like such of Fort Lauderdale Home Health Care, if they haven't got time to take care of their mother. It's sure reassuring to know that the one you loved is in the care of someone you can trust. Really, I don't know what got into them, not my business afterall. All I care about now is to raise my son well, so that he'll grow up into a decent man who respects not only me and his daddy but all elderly people, so I won't ended up a pity woman like that aunt.


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