November 9, 2008

My tedious life

Oh man, didn't know life without a maid is so tough. So many house work to conquer, so little time. Honestly, the house don't has to be all that squeaky clean, the clothes don't need to be all that tidy, and a messy bed is totally fine once in a while, because if I were to put 100% into every task I do in the house, I'll have to repeat what I do all day long because with two little kids in the house, clean is now such an impossible word to use.

I used to be so free, like a queen. So free in fact that I could easily find time to pursue an online degree with school mba. Seeing how busy I am now, I really have no choice but to put that option on hold. Now, I'm stuck with all sorts of errands like picking up Marcus from school, making meals, bathing the kids, keeping the house clean, doing the laundry, ironing and the thing I hate to do most is to clean the dog shit twice a day, make it two dogs, 4 times a day! I just cannot wait for the new maid to arrive. Just hoping it'll be pretty soon.


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