June 10, 2008

What changed you?

You know you've grown up when your life is no longer all about you, and people start asking you questions, seeking your opinion on motherhood issue and whether it's better to get a jogging stroller or a carriage stroller. Life used to be all about me, me and me. Buying what I love, doing what I like, going where I want, without a care for the world. Being married doesn't make much difference to that either, I can split my time well between being there for my husband and yet still spend so much ME time. But having a baby changes everything, for good. A part of it is knowing that there's this little somebody that needs me so much, makes me feel good about myself, minus the pretty clothes and dangling earrings. He looks up to me as the person that I am, not judge me as a fat mom with a bad hair day. So back to strollers, a good friend of mine, a malay girl I met during my uni days at Newcastle, is now 7 months pregnant. She's expecting a baby girl, she called to ask for my opinion on strollers. Let's face it, mommy has no time to go jogging at the park, let alone with a newborn. That jogger might seems like a brilliant idea for a minute, but in reality we only use strollers in a shopping centre, and we ain't going offroad with a baby either. Just get a stroller without the carriage, without the super hi-tech suspension absorber, and of course, we don't need the tiny umbrella too, because when it rains, the baby is going nowhere. We stay home.


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