June 25, 2008

Credit card war

It's just crazy how banks try to lure consumers into signing up for their credit cards. Honestly, applying for a Platinum credit card is all too easy nowadays. Banks are coming up with so many incentives like free gifts for just applying for a credit card. And I must add, a plastic Formula car really failed to attract me into signing up, it's more an attraction to my 2.5 year old son. Boy oh boy.
And the glass or so-called crystal chess set is not that appealing to me either. I don't play chess, and I rather not have glass horse and prince collecting dust on my cabinet. Oh worse, if my son happens to mess around with it and it breaks and hurt him? Very very bad idea, don't you think so?
I just don't get it, these people, can't they not be a little more creative when it comes to giving free gifts? It doesn't really need to be expensive stuff, but I think useful things like a computer mouse or a checkbook holder will do the trick better. Sure enough, I didn't get that plastic Ferrari. But I did get a toiletry bag in lime green. Yucks, but it sure beats getting the chess set.

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